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Measuring Against National Standards

The Leapfrog Group works with national experts to establish standards to which all participating hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) are measured against. Standard setting creates a goal post for all participating hospitals and ASCs to strive for and allows Leapfrog to include measures of processes, structures, and outcomes on our annual Surveys.

Leapfrog sets standard using peer reviewed literature and expert opinion, peer comparisons, and alignment with existing national standards or performance targets. 

Download the 2020 Leapfrog Hospital Scoring Algorithms here.

Download the 2020 Leapfrog ASC Survey Scoring Algorithms here.

Performance Categories

Performance on each measure on the Leapfrog Hospital Survey and the Leapfrog ASC Survey is placed into one of four performance categories:

  • Achieved the Standard (displayed as four filled bars)
  • Considerable Achievement (displayed as three filled bars)
  • Some Achievement (displayed as two filled bars)
  • Limited Achievement (displayed as one filled bar)

When Data Are Not Available

In some cases, a hospital or ASC may not have enough data to make a determination about performance, or the measure assesses performance on a service line not offered at the hospital or ASC. These terms are used when data are not available:

  • Does Not Apply: This term is used when a particular procedure is not performed (e.g., the facility doesn't perform colon surgery) or a service is not available (e.g., the facility does not have a labor and delivery unit to delivery newborns). 
  • Unable to Calculate Score: This term is used when data is reported, but it does not meet Leapfrog’s minimum reporting requirements (i.e. too few patients eligible to be included in the measure).
  • Not Available: This term is used when some data is unavailable due to the COVID-19 crisis. This term is new and will only be used for publicly reporting 2020 Survey Results.
  • Pending Leapfrog Verification: This term is used when Survey responses are undergoing Leapfrog’s standard verification process.

    Public Reporting Categories