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What's New in 2024

Diagnostic Safety and Quality 

Safe, high-quality hospital care begins with patients receiving the right diagnosis, communicated accurately and in a timely manner. In practice, this process too often fails. Communication breaks down, diagnoses are inaccurate or informed by incorrect information, and patients suffer. Experts estimate that nearly every American will be harmed by at least one diagnostic error in their lifetime. 1 Over the past two decades, our knowledge of how to improve diagnosis in different health care settings has grown substantially, driven in large part by a deeper understanding of how diagnostic errors arise and the realization that many can be prevented. 

Leapfrog has added questions to assess what actions hospitals are taking to reduce harm to patients from diagnostic errors, including delayed, wrong, or missed diagnoses, and diagnoses not communicated to the patient. These questions will not be scored or publicly reported in 2024.